Pet Memorials

On behalf of the staff at Eustis Veterinary Hospital, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed.  We also welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet or animal friend on our website's Pet Memorial page. Please feel free to complete the following Pet Memorial Form in Adobe Acrobat format, which requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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RibZ Burchill


No more fear of falling downward
No more squirming ‘til you’re tired
No more bumping into borders
No more getting stuck in corners

 Not able to see or hear
Somehow you found your way

You relished warmth and sunshine
Being as normal a dog each day

Round and round you’d circle
To find that special place

And lay your tiny self upon
A warm and sunny space

Not long was your stay
Fourteen months, two weeks short a day
You told Mom it’s time, my heart broke in two
Knowing that an angel was on her way to you

Romp about the pink and gold-spun clouds
Leaving paw prints etched in the sky
Should you happen to tumble in a cumulus puff
Never worry,  there areplenty of angels close by

Loving arms were waiting to welcome you home
With the promise to hold you tight
Forever and a day you’ll rest peacefully
As He cradles you through the night

Max Pechart
January 2009 Max became part of our family. From the very beginning, he was the sweetest and most loving puppy imaginable. After a life-threatening coyote attack, Dr. Cassidy and the staff went above and beyond to save our sweet little boy. They always took the best care of Max and he never lost his love of going to Eustis Vet and seeing his favorite people. August 13, 2002, he went to Heaven in the company of Rod, Dr. Cassidy, Tiffany, and myself. A day does not go by that he is not missed by all who knew and loved him.

Faith Gray


My baby girl Faith was a gift from God. Thanks to Dr. Cassidy and the staff at Eustis Vet Hospital I was able to enjoy my precious gift for 3 more years. Faith was the dream dog I thought I rescued, but she rescued me. Faith was with me through all of life's ups and downs including the loss of my mom and brother. She made me one of those moms I thought I would never be. I could watch her sleep and feel like my heart would explode with love and even thought she was cute when she pooped or peed (even if it was in the wrong place!) She earned the nickname "Little Miss Free Ride" because every time we went for a long walk she usually talked me into carrying her. When she did walk, she liked to ungracefully pretend the curbs were balance beams. I would laugh as I told her that it was a good thing her name was Faith and not Grace! Faith went to hundreds of places with me; she loved to go for rides in my vehicle then would ride in her pink princess purse through the stores, churches, offices, and restaurants, etc. Even though I will always miss her, I will cherish the many years we had together.

Fritter Crouch


You always hear the saying that you didn't rescue a pet, but rather your pet rescued you. That was 100% the case with my Fritter! I didn't even choose him from the shelter...he chose me! I walked into the cat room and he immediately jumped onto my right shoulder, where he stayed for the next 7 years. Don't bother trying to move him to your left shoulder only the right shoulder would do! It was the best spot for him to purr directly into your ear and clean your hair, just in case you forgot to wash it yourself. He got along with everyone and everything. Fritter always had to be the center of attention and even loved his visits to Eustis Vet Hospital...because there were so many people giving him attention! He adored all other dogs and cats (whether they wanted his love or not). He was the best Mr. Mom to all of the foster kittens that came and went from our kitten nursery. He loved dressing up and going for walks outside. While all of our neighbors were walking their dogs, Fritter was waltzing down the sidewalks like he owned the place. At night, Fritter always insisted on being the big spoon and sharing my pillow. So, to the best cat that ever lived...thank you for rescuing me. I miss you.

Poem for Tilley Irene Burchill:


Goodbye sweet Tilley Irene by Deborah Burchill

As darkness veils the light of day

A wisp of wind blew an angel your way

She whispered it’s time to say goodbye

To sleep and close your big brown eyes

Your purpose fulfilled

Your work here is done

The lives you have touched

Are an infinite sum

Go gently sweet girl

As you leave us to be

Sorrowful and lost

Hearts full of loving memories

As you soar with your angel

Paw in hand tightly clasped

You lived for a reason

Your love ever last

Mighty in battle

Your will was to live

Sharing bravery together

Was your message to give

No one will miss you more

Sweet Tilley Irene

Than all who have loved you

Than all you have seen

It is time to discover

God’s warm lap to lay

Your soft little body

After heavenly play

As you dream of your life

Here on earth with us too

I will wait for that angel

To bring me to you

Sienna Jeske


Our Journey with Sienna started in 2005. When outside with the dinner on
the grille, out of nowhere appears a petite skinny cat with beautiful
golden brown eyes and large paws, (she was a Hemingway Cat). After feeding
her she never left. Sienna was the sweetest cat we ever had. She enjoyed
sleeping on anyone's lap. She stayed healthy thanks to great care from
Eustis Veterinary Hospital. Her life journey ended on February 13, 2023. We
cherish every moment we had with her.

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