• Mr. Gogo
    Yard Maintenance

    Mr. Gogo is a Sulcata Tortoise, who can live between 70 and 100 years!  Mr. Gogo is very friendly, inquisitive, and has an outgoing personality.  Mr. Gogo walks his way through the kennel daily to the outside door where he makes his rounds daily keeping our yard freshly manicured. Call out his name and show him a strawberry and watch him hurry on over to you. 

  • Mr. Bumble
    Night Watchman

    Bumble is a long-haired Chinchilla. His native habitat would be to burrow or live in crevices among the rocks. Bumble is an agile jumper and can be found jumping around his multi-teared housing complex. Nocturnal he loves running on his wheel all hours of the night and watching over the hospital from his loft.

  • Ms. Lily
    Product Tester

    Lily is our live-in Product Tester. A  15-year-old domestic shorthair Tortie feline, Lily loves to take part in testing any kind of brush that we buy. Just hold the brush still and she will inspect all the bristles by rubbing her head and neck all over it.  In addition to testing the brushes and scratch posts, Cat nip is one of her favorite items to test.

  • Ophelia Taylor
    Resident Advisor

    Ophelia is our beautiful  and voluptuous 13-year-old Calico & Tabby Resident Advisor.  Living a life of leisure in her 1 bedroom apartment upstairs. Ophelia enjoys listening to staff members at lunch and occasionally comes out to join us. Patiently she waits for staff members to prepare her food daily and offers up some words of advice from time to time.

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